1 - Ethics for Staff, Volunteers and Committee Members

All staff, volunteers and committee members including coaches and team managers of Slough and Eton Dolphin SC (the "Club") assent to the ASA Code of Ethics and recognise and adhere to the principles and responsibilities embodied in it. All members can contact Club officers including the Welfare Officer using contact details from the club database.

All Staff, Volunteers and committee Members representing the club must:

- Put the well-being, health and safety of members above all other considerations including developing performance

- Comply with the codes, rules and laws within the guidelines set out by the ASA

- Work without discrimination on any grounds including race, colour, language, religion, birth or social status

- Not encourage swimmers, volunteers, officials or parents to violate the rules of the club or the sport

- Observe authority and the decisions of all officials

- Encourage swimmers to obey the spirit of the rules and laws both in and out of the pool

- Treat other competitors and teams with respect, in victory and in defeat

- Not drink alcohol or smoke either before or during coaching sessions or competitions

- Carry out all teaching/coaching from the side of the pool and any demonstrations to be in clear view of other members

2 - Swimmers Code of Conduct

General Rules

- Follow instructions from all coaches/poolside helpers. Listen when coaches/poolside helpers are giving direction, advice and instruction. Do not argue with or question instructions given by coaches/poolside helpers. Failure to comply will mean that you will have to leave the water and sit on poolside for the rest of the session. The coach/poolside helper's decision is final.

- Be on Time. Being late without a valid reason means you will not swim.

- Always visit the toilet before entering the pool. It should not be necessary to leave the pool during your session.

- Obey the rules as set out by the ASA and training venues

- Respect other people's property including goggles and hats

- Show consideration and respect for staff and other users of the training venues especially in the changing rooms

- Ensure you have access to any medications eg inhaler

- Do not leave the training venues without your parent's permission

Swimming Specific Rules

- Show respect to other swimmers. Examples of disrespect are listed below, the list is not comprehensive:

- No stopping when others are swimming: if a swimmer stops for a valid reason they must leave the water and sit on poolside thus not preventing others from swimming

- Swim, don't walk: Walking the last 5 meters is unacceptable

- Move over when you finish: Leave space for swimmers behind to finish correctly.

- Leave at least 5 seconds between swimmers (dependent on the set): You will all then have space to turn correctly.

- Give Way:if a swimmer behind is quicker then let them go in front. You will find it easier to swim without them on your feet.

- Complete Every Swim: Do not cut corners.

Disciplinary Procedure

If any swimmer is in breach of the code during a training session then the coach/poolside helper will give a warning and if the swimmer breaches the code a second time during a session the coach/poolside helper will require the swimmer to sit out on poolside for part of or the remainder of the session. In the latter case the swimmer may go and get changed quickly then return to poolside until the end of the session. The swimmer should not leave the training venue early unless accompanied by parent/carer.

If a swimmer is in breach of any other aspect of the code, they will be dealt with in an appropriate manner.

If a swimmer commits a serious breach or persistently breaches the code then that swimmer may, at the discretion of the committee, be suspended or expelled from the club. Any appeals against suspension or expulsion will be dealt with according to the ASA guidelines.

3 - Guidance for Parents/Carers

- Remember the Club is not a registered child care facility and your children are your responsibility at any time they are off poolside, before, during and after a session.

- Advise the club membership secretary of any disability, special needs, or medical condition experienced by your child, whether long or short term. The club membership secretary will make sure relevant parties are informed.

- Ensure your child is punctual

- Do not disturb swimming training sessions. It is usually possible to catch the coach/poolside helper at the end of the session.

- Bring any concerns regarding child welfare directly to the attention of the Club Welfare Officer

- Read the website regularly and ensure you are aware of all competitions and their deadlines. Information is also available from the club desk during the Monday club session.


I confirm that I have read, understand and will follow the Club Code of Conduct

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March 2011