Dear Swimmers, Parents and Volunteers,

Dear All,

Updated training times from May 2016

SEDSC are pleased to announce the appointment of Trevor Plows to the position of Chair.

The squads are being adjusted as below but in summary:-

The club continues to grow in numbers, the swimmers continue to improve and set new PB’s and the attendance at each session is increasing; all of which is great news. As you can understand that brings further increased pressure on pool time. The club has managed to secure more pool time at Montem Leisure Centre and at Beechwood School from January ’16; Montem on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday and Beechwood on Sunday. The additional time at Beechwood also gives us the ability to expand the Teaching Section of the club.

Over last term the Link and Development Squads have been concentration on ASA Stages 7 & 8 and ASA Stages 9 & 10 respectively. As a result of their successes and the new pool time I’ve expanded the Age Group Squad into Age Group I and II, as previously planned and re-assigned / promoted swimmers to different Squads.

I’ve used what I call the 6 “A’s” as a framework and set of objectives for each swimmer to work towards, in deciding which Squad they should be in. The 6 “A’s” will be quantified further as we progress. As a principle we will still work towards all the ASA Stages and as they are achieved badges will be awarded.

The 6 “A’s” are:-

-The swimmers Age;

-Their Ability;

-Their Attendance;

-Their Attitude;

-Their Attainment;

-The Availability of space in a Squad.

The easiest way of describing the principles behind these is to cite a theoretical example, reality is a blend of these:-

-Age – we don’t need a 6’ 5” 18yr old swimming in the same lane as a 4’ 0” 8yr old even if they are the same speed.

-Ability – If a swimmer cannot swim 100m easily they should not be put under pressure to swim 1500m.

-Attendance – If you don’t turn up don’t expect to move up or even retain your place!

-Attitude – Your actions affect others’ attainments, be responsible do not adversely affect others.

-Attainment – To be eligible for County, Regional, National Championships you have to swim the time.

-Availability – Only 6 swimmers fit in one lane who are achieving 30 sec 50m times, more would compromise their training and unfortunately, we do not have unlimited pool time.

I would like everyone to attend all of their Squads’ sessions and understand that there are other pressures on time. If you are unable to attend a particular session but could attend another, please let me know and I’ll see if that can be accommodated. The preference is that the Squads remain together as the swimmers in each Squad are of similar Ability and Attainment and the Squads are full.

Below is the adjusted training times and the assignment of swimmers to the new squads. The Squad structure remains the same and as mentioned above Age Group has expanded into Age Group I and Age Group II.

Training Times

The training times will be adjusted as follows (see also the attached schedule):-

-Link (2 hours) will train on Sunday 4:30-5:30 at Beechwood 2 lanes; Tuesday 6-7pm 1 or 2 lanes depending on numbers at Montem.

-Development (3 hours) will train on Monday 6-7pm 2 lanes; Tuesday 6-7pm 2 lanes; Thursday 6-7pm 2 lanes; all at Montem.

-Age Group I (3.5 hours) will train on Monday 6-7pm 2 lanes; Tuesday 7-8pm 2 lanes; Thursday 7-830pm 2 lanes; all at Montem.

-Age Group II (4 hours) will train on Sunday 6-730pm 2 lanes; Monday 7-8pm 2 lanes; Wednesday 630-8pm 2 lanes; all at Montem.

-County & Senior (6.25 hours) will train on Sunday 6-730pm 1 lane; Monday 7-8pm 1 lane; Monday 8-9pm 1 lane; Wednesday morning 615-730am 1 lane; Thursday 7-830pm 1 lane; all at Montem.

-Disability (1-1.5 hours) will train on Monday 630-8pm 1 lane at Montem.